Pi2 SCP no File Transfer

I’ve installed DietPi on a couple of NEOs and a couple of M2s and in each case WINSCP works and I can transfer files back and forth.

I’ve just installed DietPi on a Raspberry Pi 2 (the only difference being I’ve added LXDE. I can WinSCP (SCP) into the board as normal (root) but when I drag a file across to send it to the Pi, it says…

Cannot execute SCP to start transfer. Please make sure that SCP is installed on the server and path to it is included in PATH. You may also try SFTP instead of SCP.
Command failed with return code 127.

Why would this be any different to the other two. WinSCP connection is working - I can see the files and open Putty within it - I just can’t transfer files???

Hi Pete,

Dropbear is installed on all DietPi images by default, it doesnt support SCP/SFTP in Jessie (does in Stretch, Debian 9).

You can change to OpenSSH server (which has SCP/SFTP support) in dietpi-software:
dietpi-software > SSH Server > OpenSSH
Return to main menu and select Go >> Start install

WinSCP should then be happy :wink:

Yes, I have a happy WinSCP now - well done - thank you.

Given that DietPi 6.8 is based on Stretch (9.4), I was hoping scp would be available without having to switch to OpenSSH. Are there any plans to support it?