Pi Zero w2 is aarch64 the right architecture?

I’ve downloaded the dietpi Buster Armv8 image burnt it to a SD card and insterted it into a Pi Zero w2. After the initial setup I get below.

Is aarch64 the right architecture? Shouldn’t it be ARM? It means some packages I want to install don’t appear in the software list (specfically snapcast client).

DietPi v8.5.1 : 07:02 - Tue 06/21/22

  • Device model : RPi Zero 2 W (aarch64)

Let me try to answer some of your questions

I guess you mean Bullseye, because we don’t offer Buster anymore.

This basically is the 64bit (aarch64) image

Yes, as you installed 64bit image

They are all ARM based boards :wink: Raspberry Pi - Wikipedia
On a Pi Zero w2 you can install 32bit (ARMv6/7) as well as 64bit (ARMv8)

correct, it has been disabled on 64bit systems. You can check it as follow

dietpi-software list | grep "snapcast"

You would need to install a 32bit image in this case.