pi zero install failure

I’ve installed previous versions of diet pi on a pi zero (I think it was 1.12) and it worked great.

But today I downloaded the latest and tried to install on a pizero and it fails consistently with:

starting reboot…
failed to start Reboot
dependency failed for Reboot.

I am unable to scroll up to find more errors, but I did see failures in re-reading the partition table after resizing the boot disk.

And I don’t have an eth0 on the board as the zero only supports wifi through a usb dongle.

I suppose I could install it on another pi and then move the disk to the zero see if that works.
I’ll try that next, just wanted to give you a heads up.

Yeah, I’m an idiot.

I did the dietpi.txt config thing, set up my wifi before first boot and then it worked.
Sorry to bother.

Hehe, no worries :slight_smile: