Pi Zero 2 installation on Pi 4, will it works?

Hello, I’ve a flawless running instance of DietPi 8.22.3 on my Raspberry Pi Zero 2. If I put the microSD card in my Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) will OS boot without problems? Is needed some tweaks or fix?

Theoretically it should. Just give it a try. Once booted, go to dietpi-config > 4 : Advanced Options > Update RPi4 EEPROM firmware

Is the RPiZero2 running a 64bit version

It should boot just fine, but it will be a 32bit version on the RPi4B


If it is running 64bit in Zero 2, it will be a 64bit system on RPI4. How should the architecture change just by swapping SD card?

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no no…it won’t but some people use the 32bit on the RPiZero2W…
If it’s 64bit there, it should boot up just fine 64bit :wink:

RPiZero2 is running 64 bit version.

Simply swap SD card follow the instructions above


I swapped the microSD and followed the instructions you gave me, the Pi 4 started normally and seems to work correctly except for one important point: I use the Pi Zero 2 with Pi-hole + unbound + PiVPN (Wireguard), with the Pi 4 if I connect to the VPN I can’t access the Internet. By reinserting the microSD into the Pi Zero 2 everything works correctly again. What could be the problem?

Do you use any port forwarding for your VPN? Probably the RPI4 has a new IP address? Which VPN you use? More details are important on your new setup.

I set the same IP…

What VPN you are using? Did you see the client successfully connected?

PiVPN (with Wireguard), the clients connect successfully.

You see this in PiVPN or just within client app?

Are you able to reach PiHole web interface from remote using VPN? Another test would be to open web site This would exclude any DNS and should verify the basic internet connection

I checked client app only… I was able to reach Pi-hole web UI but I didn’t try to open web site Now the microSD card is it Pi Zero 2, tomorrow I’ll try Pi 4 again. Thank you!