Pi Image

I’ve tried half a dozen times to download and flash the DietPi (Raspberry Pi version) to several SD cards and keep getting an error message that the image is corrupted. I’m using balenaEtcher. Any thoughts?

I’m new to DietPi but have had several Raspian Pis running for a couple of years. This seems like a neat distro and wanted to give it a try on my new RPI4.


Busted by an old version of balenaEtcher! (It’s been a while since I flashed OS images.)

I’m looking forward to going on a Diet!

Many thanks for your report.

Very strange, works fine with Rufus here.

Please try this image: EDIT: REMOVED OBSOLETE LINK
Since it was created with with dev code AFAIK, please finish firstrun setup without installing additional software (just hit “Install” on the prompt), then run dietpi-update -1 from console.