Pi-Hole & Resolv.conf: Bad Nameserver


OS = DietPi v6.31.2
Pi-Hole Version = 5.1.1


I have been running Pi-hole for the past month, and as of yesterday, I have a problem.

From the command line, I did a pihole -g and get the error “DNS resolution is currently unavailable”


After searching on the forums, it looks like it has to do with /etc/resolv.conf

There’s a SINGLE line that says nameserver (which references my router).

I know if I change it to and save it works fine.

Help Needed:

The problem is when I REBOOT, the nameserver reverts BACK to How do I fix this so it always stays to ? This used to work FINE until yesterday. Unsure as to what changed…

Additional Note: I reached out to Pi-Hole’s support FIRST and they recommended I direct my inquiry over here.

Thank you for any help, it is greatly appreciated!


I guess you opened same issue at Github? correct? If yes, pls let’s stay at one place. It doesn’t make sense to open it twice


solved by setting correct DNS value on dietpi-config.