Pi-Hole & LXDE (via VNC)

Hello Forum!

I am a proud owner of a RasPi4 with 4GB and installed DietPi only with Pi-Hole and WebServer.
Now I liked to have a LXDE with GUI on the same RasPi.

Problem: After I installed the LXDE pakage I cant access the Pi-Hole web-frontend (./admin/index.php) anymore.
?> How can make sure the Pi-Hole is still working, after installing the LXDE-SW?

I addtion I am confused about using a VNC-Tool to conect to LXDE on the RasPi from a Windows10-PC.
As far as I understood the RealVNC (e.g.) -Software needs an extra server install on the RDietPi side and the client install on Win10 to work?
?> Is there any other way to ‘emulate’ a monitor for that DietPi installation on my RasPi to have acces to a GUI?

Sorry for my poor english & thanks for your help!


many thanks for your request. Let’s start with first question.

PiHole: pls check if your web server is still running.

systemctl status lighttpd.service

Remote desktop: basically you would have 2 options. RealVNC or XRDP. Both options are available via dietpi-software. In both cases a VNC sever will be installed on your device. Something you are not able to avoid as this is a prerequisite to be able to connect with a desktop environment.

RealVNC: This is afree of charge service, available on Raspberry Pi only and it’s actually good and solid solution. On your Windows computer, you would need to install RealVNC client

XRDP: this will install TigerVNC server + XRDP server. To connect, you can use remote desktop client on your Windows computer

In both cases a desktop environment will be installed automatically by dietpi scripts. There is no need to install LXDE separately because dietpi magic’s will take care on all dependency.

In you case, this means to install PiHole + VNC (RealVNC or XRDP) from dietpi-software catalogue only

Hey Joulinar,

thx for your fast reply & help!

I followed the hints/tipps and reinstalled the pi-hole & TigerVNC software dietpi-software gui.

After a RasPi reboot

  • the Pi-hole is up and running and I could import my settings. Perfect!
  • web-frontend is running and I can acces everthing. Perfect!
  • and the vncserver is now running under DietPi and I could set a password via vncpasswd for server & viewer & started a session with vncserver :1

I also checked the ports 5901-5909 (was mentioned here somwhere in forums) are open and not blocked by my router firewall, but…
…when I try to conect via the TigerVNC-Viewer on my Win10-Client with (all encrytion : off) it asks for a password, while username is greyed out, means I can’t edit it.

Is there a default password or is it the missing username in the Viewer-Client?

Thx again!

As told above, you need to install XRDP. This is the component allowing you to connect via Windows RDP client. You would need to install it in addition.

It’s working, nice, fast & smooth! I now have a GUI that really helps me a lot when it comes to copy, move or edit files and folder!
So my problem is solved!

Thx a lot for the help!

as far as I can see, you are using RealVNC now :slight_smile: