Pi-hole information about "remaining lease time"

Using Pi-hole I’ve noticed a popup when hovering a device shown in the “Currently active DHCP leases” section, which shows me the “remaining lease time” like the attached screenshot.

What does it mean exactly?
Schermata 2022-03-10 alle 10.03.21.png

When a device asks for IP and other settings from DHCP, it is leased an address for a specific amount of time. I’d say in your case that would be 24 hours. At half of the lease time the client needs to contact the DHCP server and renew the lease. If that doesn’t happen and the lease time reaches zero, it is released and is available for another device to lease it.

ok, thanks. Is it useful to lease addresses for a longer time?

It’s fine to keep default value as given by Pihole.

It depends on the usecase, but if you are a residential user with not so many devices you can leave it as it is.