pi-hole how to whitelist google ads only

Good morning,
I’ve installed pi-hole on Dietpi, and this is really useful for my purposes.
I noticed, anyway it blocked all the websites I try to reach through the advertised link on google search.
Is there a way to let this advertised link open, without opening to all kinds of advertising?
I mean: I like it blocks the banners and the images contained in the e-mail, but every time I make a google search I can’t open the sponsored links…
I can imagine I should whitelist something but I’m not sure what.


this is quite a specific application questions you might have it raised on PiHole forum https://discourse.pi-hole.net/

Theoretically you would need to have a look to your query log. There you see all your DNS request. Even the blocked once. Have a check. Next to the blocked request, you should see a button to whitelist.