Pi Hole error?

I have installed pi hole along with ubound as described.
In my router i have changed at the DHCP tab the primary DNS to the statis IP of the pi hole.
At the pi hole i have set static ip, and open DNS for static DNS.
However only 1% is blocked and i do see ads. What did i do wrong?

Did you restart your clients to get new IP as well as DNS server information? Check on your clients what DNS server they are using.

i think i missed that…

it made it work…
I tried the website https://d3ward.github.io › toolz › adblock to test and it blocked 77%. Is it ok?

Depends on your AdBlock list. You could add as much as you like, depending on your needs.

thank you for the help, everything works now. I have though one more question. In my LAN there is a nextcloud running having a static ip address. Upon checking the dns address is the router where i have changed the primary dns address for the pi hole. Is it good as it or shall i change it as well to point to the pi hole?

should be fine I guess.

thank you!

very last question: is there anyway to check which clients are using the pi hole? Group management/clientlist is empty.

You have an overview of the top 10 clients directly on the initial Dashboard screen or under Tools > Network

Great, i ve got it. Thank you again!