for some time now, I have often found the following warning in pi-hole diagnosis:

DNSMASQ_WARN: Maximum number of concurrent DNS queries reached (max: 150)

Since some paths for the configuration of the pi-hole under Diet-Pi are slightly different, I would like to ask my question here in this forum.

How can I prevent this warning?
Is it possible to simply increase dns-forward-max?
Would the procedure under the following link be a solution and if so, what should the file be called and where should it be saved?


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That’s not correct. Configuration should be same. We don’t change location of files for PiHole.

Or do you missing some files/locations?

You should be able to handle the warning as described on Pihole docs/forum.

This error means that more than 150 queries are unanswered at the same time. This is general a big number for a household.
How many users or devices are using this pihole?
Is it healthy or lagging?
Is the internet connection healthy or lagging or losing packets?

I’d be careful to just raise the limit and hide the problem under the carpet. Especially the min cache TTL raise is not always a good idea.

Sorry, I was wrong about pi-hole.
I mistakenly confused it with unbound.
For certain settings, it is not the pi-hole.conf file that needs to be edited, but dietpi.conf in the /etc/unbound/unbound.conf.d/ directory. At least that’s how it is in my installation.

From the answer I see that I can do exactly as described in the pi-hole forum under Diet-Pi?

That’s true, but in my case it’s perhaps a little crazy. There are about 100 devices active in the network. A bit much for a home network, but it’s working to my satisfaction so far.
However, there are sporadic connection losses in the Internet connection, around 1-2 per week. My DSL line is pretty much at the limit of what is possible at around 450m to the DSLAM at 250/40 Mbit/s. Could this also be a cause?

I would also only make a moderate increase.

Don’t mix install of unbound and Pihole. The warning messages is Pihole related and has nothing to do with unbound configuration files.

Theoretically you can follow the instructions from Pihole forum.

I have now realized my mistake.
I will follow the tip from the pi-hole forum and see what happens.
Thanks again for the correction.

Yes, it can contribute to the problem. Normally a query must be answered in sub-second time, usually in 1-10msec. This means that if for some reason the pihole doesn’t resolve a hostname in a timely manner to reply back to the lan host, the number of pending replies accumulates and reaches the limit of 150.
If that is the case, raising the limit will not change much in your case, as the replies will still not come, but maybe you’ll not see the warning in the logs.

Thank you for the detailed explanation.

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