Pi-hole and nginx


atm I am running pi-hole which installs Lighttpd. Now dietpi won‘t let me install nginx using the interface. I am wondering if I should install pi-hole using the interface like I did and install nginx manually or would you install nginx using the interface and install pi-hole manually?

I would like to run pi-hole on nginx, so I would like go get rid of Lighttpd. Installing a new version of pi-hole would be a problem in both cases as Lighttpd is installed with pi-hole. Is anyone running pi-hole and nginx using dietpi?

Thank you!


you could remove PiHole and Lighttpd using dietpi-software uninstall dialog. Once finished change web server preference in dietpi-software to Nginx and try to install PiHole again

Hey so I just changed form Lighttpd to Ngnix and didn’t have to reinstall Pi-Hole or RPI-Monitor, just thought I’d add it here since ppl may get discouraged from doing this. My end goal is to setup the reverse proxy to make it secure to the outside. Cheers!


short question. Did you changed web server preference only or did it really removed Lighttpd and installed Ngnix?

Hey! So I had to uninstall it as switching between the two didn’t really work for me. I just did the same now, but vice versa. Uninstalled ngnix and, went to install Lighttpd, switched it to be the main server and it works. I’m back on using pi-hole again.

yes a clean removal and a clean install is best way