Pi-Hold installed, but blocked everything (DNS)

Just wondiering if there are any issues with installing Pi-Hold on dietpi?

I just installed it, admin page was accessible, etc. but I noticed the internet (DNS) wasn’t working. Poiting to the Pi as a DNS also 'broke the internet" :stuck_out_tongue: I setup the Pi DNS to, and router to point to the PiHole, but didn’t fix.

Just wondering how dietpi manages port 53 (DNS) normally, and when PiHole is installed how does the dietpi handle this?

I also have a DHCP router assigned static IP (not from the Pi) - how is this handled with the PiHole install? The steps I took while installing Pi-Hole seemed self-intuitaive, however in the end the internet stopped working (DNS conversions).


DietPi is fully supporting PiHole installations. It’s as well offered in DietPi software catalouge.

Setting DNS server inside your Pi network configuration is something completely different than PiHole and has no relationship. Setting a DNS server inside the Pi will mean your Pi will act as DNS client and connect to a public DNS server. In your case, Cloudflare. This will not block or create any port open on the Pi.

On the other side, installing PiHole will create a DNS server, opening port 53 on your system. This will be used by DNS clients inside your local network to resolve DNS request.

Basically you could configure your PI’s network settings to connect to PiHole as DNS server. However something I would not recommend. Using Cloudflare or Quad9 is totally fine as public DNS sever on the PI’s network settings.

Coming back to your issue. What do you mean by this

I noticed the internet (DNS) wasn’t working

What exactly is not working? Your RPi is not able to resolve DNS? Your clients on the local network?

Sure the RPI with PiHole uses Cloudfare, etc as its DNS and filters out ads, etc, locally. I set this up, and the internet didn’t work on that RPI (ping www.google.com → failed, ping IP directly = worked).

As an aside, I setup the DNS IP to RPi to route all DNS requests via PiHole as per https://pi-hole.net
“3. Use Pi-hole as your DNS server. Configure your router’s DHCP options to force clients to use Pi-hole as their DNS server, or manually configure each device​ to use the Pi-hole as their DNS server.”

Anyhow, I’ve uninstalled it since the basic installation didn’t work. I’ll have to setup a dev pi enviro to re-check, as I don’t want to mess with current prod pi and have the pi dead for a few hours of testing to find out if there’s any s/w conflict any other diepi sw installs.

as already told, the local DNS client setting of the RPi has no relation to PiHole. Don’t mix any setting done in PiHole with the settings done on network configuration the the RPi itself

can you share the local DNS config of the RPi

cat /etc/resolv.conf