Phpmyadmin not working with Lighttpd Stack


I installed the LLMP Stack and Phpmyadmin.

Webserver is running fine as my website is being displayed but phpmyadmin is not working at all.

I just get a 404 Error at http://ip/phpmyadmin
Bugreport Reference Code: 94cc6cbb-2bce-42e5-8170-fe835eb3cb55-0

When i try to uninstall Phpmyadmin it asks me for a password that i never set. The Default Passwords are not working. I uninstalled it through the skip questions option.

After reinstalling same behaviour!

No Prompts are shown during installation of phpmyadmin to set the password.

and in /var/www/ there is no phpmyadmin directory…

Has anybody in her tried the LLMP + Phpmyadmin Combo?


Thanks for the report ZombieVirus. I’ve created a GitTicket for this so we can investigate: