Would it be possible to add install option for PHP7 (add repos for armhf and arm64). PHP7 can be manually installed, but needs some command line work :slight_smile:

Just a suggestion.



Hi Dimi,

Where possible in DietPi, we aim to use the standard apt-get packages. This saves us vast amounts of time, creating, supporting and keeping upto date, manually compiled software for all devices. We currently have over 107 software titles in DietPi for installation that we must support.

I’am going to start looking at creating and supporting Debian Stretch images for DietPi. Not only will this allow for PHP7, but also more updated software that alot of our users are requesting:

Or better idea to change debian to ubuntu?

Ubuntu is miles away from being minimal :wink:

I don’t understand :slight_smile:
Debian updates is extremely slowly /security updates, upgrage packages/.
Also Ubuntu have PPA repository that is big advantage.

Run the following on a Ubuntu and Debian device, lists total installed packages (+5). You’ll see the main issue with Ubuntu, excessive package dependencies resulting in a much larger (and unnecessary) base installation:

dpkg -l | wc -l

Xenial 16.04 is essentially Debian Stretch (testing, will contain newer packages), we run Debian Jessie (current stable, older packages but reliable):