PHP needs 64 bits integers

I’m having problems with Wordpress. It works reeally well, unless I want to activate a plugin that makes a backup to dropbox. Then Iget the following:
"The Dropbox SDK uses 64-bit integers, but it looks like we’re running on a version of PHP that doesn’t support 64-bit integers (PHP_INT_MAX=2147483647). Library: “/var/www/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/backup/com/lib/Dropbox/RequestUtil.php”

I’ve been in contact with teh author of the plugin, but they can’t help. SO I’m a bit stuck. How can I change PHP so that it works with the above?

well if that application require a 64bit OS, you would need to use a 64bit OS. What kind of system/image you are running?

Running Dietpi on a Raspberry Pi. The problem is that a 64 bits system doesn’t seem to work with my SSD, only 32bits. I believe it’s the Armv7 build

hmm you could force your kernel to simulate 64bit. But something I would not really recommend as you system / userland will be 32bit still but kernel will run 64bit. This could lead to conflicts if your system will try to install packages and go for 64bit once. Something you might need to try to see if it’s fixing your issue.

Edit /boot/config.txt

nano /boot/config.txt

Go to the very end of the file and add this line:


reboot your system


Verify you are running the 64-bit kernel with

uname -a