PHP and Nextcloud

Just wondered if there are any plans to upgrade PHP within DietPi. (Running 8.10.2 at present)

I’m currently running Nextcloud 25.0.1 and have PHP Version 7.4

I see that 7.4 reaches EOL in a couple of weeks, and Nextcloud’s recommended version is 8.1

Should I manually upgrade to 8.1? Is it as straightforward as the various online guides seem to suggest?

Thanks for any replies.

PHP 7.4 is the version available from Debian apt repository on Bullseye. Currently we don’t plan to add 3rd party repositories.

Here are some discussions which suggest it’s not that easy:

Also here is a list of changes which are not downwards compatible.

If you want to change, make a backup of your system and just try it :upside_down_face:

okay in the nextcloud docs they recommend php 8.1

Thanks for the prompt replies.

I’ll do a trial - after making a backup - and report back.