PHP 8.1 for ODROID C2

The current DietPi version for the ODROID C2 contains php 7.4. The latest nextcloud 25.x expects php version 8.x. Is there an DietPi update coming some time?
A manual upgrade is obviously not recommendable as this update collides with many other DietPi controlled issues. At the end of this exercise, nectcloud and other applications did not run any more, a complete new set-up was the necessary result.

just have a look to following GitHub question

This is not correct. NC25 will work with PHP7.4. NC developer just inform user about an upcoming change with NC26. However even this is not jet decided by NC developer.

I understand. Yes, it works, this is correct. Nevertheless, a warning is generated telling me that 8.x would be the better solution in terms of speed.

PHP 8.1 or even 8.2 will be available with Debian Bookworm, released around August 2023. We already generate Bookworm images, if you want to test, but the APT package versions are not frozen yet, hence major version changes and hence potentially breaking setups/configs are still possible: Index of /downloads/images

Thank you for the information!