PHP 5.5 on Dietpi?

Hello all

I have an old website (working, but in need of upgrade). It’s based on an old Prestashop version, laying onto PHP 5.5.

I tried to migrate (a copy of) the whole thing onto a local dietpi vm meant as a work environment where I can make all sorts of tests and decide the best upgrade strategy.
After migration, I discovered that the current code calls some PHP 5 functions which are deprecated in the current PHP version, which is the one that gets of course automatically installed by dietpi.

My question: how can I install PHP5 onto dietpi (or - should I install an old dietpi release first?) to re-create a suitable “a quo” environment for my site?

Thanks in advance for any help


honestly, you should not do that. PHP 5.5 is outdated and unsupported. Not even talking about security issues. Support for PHP 5 has been discontinued since 10 Jan 2019 PHP: Releases

Theoretically you could have a look to Ondrej’s PHP repository. He is offering PHP 5.6.

Don’t expect support from our end if you really go this way. You are doing this on your own risk.

I see what you saying. Thank you for your hints and links, anyway!

The purpose of the game is indeed getting rid of PHP5 !

The issue being investigated is “how”.

What needs to be “carried over” to a new version of the existing prestashop vending site can be restricted down to products & categories including however all their html description, pictures, attributes, seo tags… There’s no need to carry over commercial history, customers’ accounts etc etc.
So the B-plan, if you wish, is quite clear: create a fresh new shop site, export data from the old one as best as possible, import into the new.

What I’m investigating is what happens, instead, if I “just” upgrade the current prestashop version ? I’m thinking to try this as there’s nothing fancy or particularly sophysticated on this shop’s behaviour now, no particularly complex plugins etc.
If I upgrade the PS version of course some plugins will have to be upgraded too, and the theme of course. Fine. But chances are (?) it might turn out to be a quicker and therefore less expensive process.

Of course, such test cannot happen on the live environment (yes, the shop is active right now, even with such an outdate configuration).
And guess what, no one created a test / development environment yet.

Hence my effort to create a sort of “outdated sandbox” to carry the existing env over, and play with it without harming around :slight_smile: