Photoprism for photo management

Good software for photo management for normal user.



Setup - PhotoPrism

System Requirements(Setup - PhotoPrism)

We recommend hosting PhotoPrism on a server with at least 2 cores, 3 GB of physical memory,1 and a 64-bit operating system. Beyond these minimum requirements, the amount of RAM should match the number of CPU cores.

If your server has less than 4 GB of swap space or a manual memory/swap limit is set, this can cause unexpected restarts, for example, when the indexer temporarily needs more memory to process large files. High-resolution panoramic images may require additional swap space and/or physical memory above the recommended minimum.

+1. This would be a nice addition to DietPi!


To evaluate it, I set up PhotoPrism a few months back, using OpenMediaVault on a 64-bit Intel box because it’s a one-click plugin install there, but I find OMV tedious and bloated compared to DietPi. PP’s face-detection and “people browsing” works surprisingly well, and being able to point family members to a web page where “all our photos and albums are nicely organised” is a great convenience.

I’m also using Nextcloud on DietPi (perfect for home/family use IMO), which has been improving its photo album/gallery options, but so far it’s still behind (it can only do face-detection on Intel, last time I looked). My goal is to end up with everything on a single internet-facing in-house server, running 24/7 on an energy-efficient Raspberry Pi 4. Face detection might be a tad slower, but that only runs when new photos are added.

Nextcloud evolves slowly (for the right reasons: it’s been rock solid, year after year), so having PhotoPrism as separate DietPi package would be quite convenient. It creates its own web interface via a separate port, which can easily be reverse-proxied by Nginx, etc.

PhotoPrism seems to offer Docker images only. Not sure if they have a native installation possibility. If it is Docker only, you should be able to get it running yourself. All needed tools like Docker and Docker-Compose are available on our catalogue.

Thx. Well, it’s not running in Docker in OpenMediaVault (I’ve been trying to stay away from Docker, but perhaps I need to revisit this …). They must have integrated it into their setup.

Once you start looking around, there are of course tons of photo gallery tools. A static generator would make sense for personal use (PhotoPrism isn’t, it’s PHP-driven). Here’s a list if anyone wants to dig deeper: Top 21 Favorite Self-hosted Photo Collection and Web-based Galleries [2021]

So far, the only face-detection setup I’ve seen is PhotoPrism (haven’t researched deeply).