Permisssions issue with sonarr, radarr, jackett etci

Sonarr and like programs our now unable to write programs to my NAS. Things were working fine up until a week or two ago- i just noticed them.

I am able to go into drive manager and successfully test read and write from these network drives though. I can also create files
On my NAS from the command
line prompt using nano. I can do this even from the sonarr user.

I’m not sure what changed in the last week or to to make this happen. I have another pi running rasibian (notndiet) and set up sonarr and the other programs and it works fine so i don’t think it’s a NAS problem.

By “write programs” you mean downloading/sorting files to the NAS?
Is it probably the downloader itself that fails, and not Sonarr or Radarr?
Which downloader did you configure?

Generally, to allow R/W access throughout all related programs, please set NAS permissions to (or mount as) user:group dietpi:dietpi and 775 mode. All software that require userdata access run as their own user which is added to the dietpi group. So they have R/W access to all dirs/files own by dietpi group and with 77X permissions mode.

And generally error logs (/var/log/sonarr and /var/log/radarr or systemctl status sonarr and systemctl status radarr) are helpful to derive what exactly failed.

And since it is a known issue with Jackett, if not yet done, please disable its internal auto updater. It breaks Jackett, a still not resolved external bug that affects all instances that are started via systemd unit.

I’m having this exact problem and nothing seem to work ; reinstall, format, clean apt etc. I also though it was permission issues at first but then I found this thread this morning while googling for similar problems/error codes;

So, problem seems to be a problem Mono 6.0 and cifs… the ‘fix’ in the thread says :

Thanks for the details. I can confirm that a rollback to Mono 5 fixed this issue.

For anyone affected by the upgrade, here is what I did to roll back to (current Mono 5 snapshot) on Ubuntu 18.04:

Edit your /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mono-official-stable.list and change:

deb stable-bionic main


deb stable-bionic/snapshots/ main

That will pin it to version

Basic Steps to Downgrade:

sudo apt-get remove mono-runtime

Edit your mono-official-stable.list file per above

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install mono-runtime
sudo apt-get install sonarr

More details on the mono website: 6

Reference for the versions available: 7

However, im not familliar with commands/linux and I’m having signatures problems all over the place when I reproduce these exact same steps on dietpi.

Perhaps someone with more knowledge could help us apply it to Dietpi ?

Thanks all! I do suspect it’s a problem with mono. Everything was working up until recently. I had not changed how the network drives were mounted.

To clarify the problem I’m having: i have nzbget running on my nas. Sonarr/radarr/jackett run on dietpi. After the media is download on nzbget i get an error message in sonarr/radarr saying it could not write to my NAS (could not move and rename downloaded file).

For now, i moved sonarr and radarr to my other pi that is not running diet pi and things are working fine. Limited on time this week due to work- maybe I’ll try rolling back mono next weekend!

Thank for update Fun4Stuff,

Care to tell me which version/distro your other PI is running ? I might move away from dsietpi until it is fixed.

It’s running raspbian. I haven’t updated it in a few months.

Diji23 Fun4stuff
If you run a Buster image, can you try to install the Mono version from new Buster branch? This is available since two weeks ago, finally:

dietpi-services stop
sed -i 's/stretch/buster/' /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mono-xamarin.list
G_AGI mono-runtime mono-complete nzbdrone
dietpi-services start

As well try to update Radarr to development branch: Settings → General (Show Advanced Settings) → Updates → Branch

If as well the lasted versions do not include a fix, then indeed the Mono downgrade seems to be the only possibility.

The snapshots feature should work:

echo 'deb stretch/snapshots/5.20 main' > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mono-xamarin.list
G_AGI --allow-downgrades --reinstall mono-runtime mono-complete

Do I have to run more commands than those 3 if I want to downgrade? Fairly new to this and nothing happens. Am I supposed to execute some install command atterwards?