Patreon Badge Question

Hello, are there badges from patreon supporters here? My forum account is different from my patreon account.

Thanks and greetings :slight_smile:

Yes there is a badge for Patreon supporters. Theoretically you should be able to connect your account within your own user preference menu. There is an option to associate your forum account with Patreons.

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Thanks, though Discourse asks for a link after a logout and click on Patreon. If I then select my existing account here from the forum, enter my twofactor, I land in the permanent loop and on a page of the dietpi overview.

This means, you associated your Patreon account within preference menu? And trying a new Discourse login using the Patreon option is not working?

I just successfully connected my Patreon account. On user preferences I selected Patreon “Connect”, was redirected to the Patreon website to confirm (was already logged in there), then redirected to this forum where I needed to confirm again. That worked. Not sure whether the email addresses need to match? Does it make a difference when you log in at Patreon first, then try to connect your account?

Already logged in on Patreon.
DietPi Forum: Login with Patreon (
Discourse would like to… Allow
Forward to DietPi Community Forum - Welcome to the DietPi OS Community Forum
New Account? No → Got an Account → (

No idea if the mails actually have to be identical. Patreon and the forum have different mails for me.

I just tested again on a different PC where I wasn’t logged in on Patreon and trying to “Login with Patreon” on the forum instead of connecting via user preferences and it worked as well:

  • Login at Patreon
  • 2FA
  • Allow
  • Successful redirect to the forum, logged in

I think the problem is the different E-Mail address. It makes sense that an external authentication system can only authenticate the E-Mail address your registered with there. Otherwise, you would be able to hijack any other account, like

Hi, I’m but on the other forum, I’m, trust me and tell the forum to let me in with this account!

How can Discourse and Patreon know that it’s the same persons accounts you’re connecting, if not via E-Mail address? Even if you are currently logged in on both sides (hence use the “connect” button in user preferences), it feels like a security issue to me if this alone would be taken as sufficient reason for remote authentication, without the E-Mail address as assurance that it’s the same person behind those accounts/sessions.

You should be able to change your E-Mail address here and as well on Patreon, at least for testing/verifying this, and change it back if you require those to be different.

What is actually the URL in the address field when you see the “404”?

I give up. Identical mail used on both platforms. Different browser. Nothing to see.
Is there a button in the settings to activate it? Or does it show up in the badges?

Of course I don’t get the 404 page as redirect now :frowning:

It could take a while for the IDs to be checked. It is not something that happens immediately.

Btw: I moved the entire discussion into on own topic to keep the original one clear :slight_smile:

I have seen following on our forum logs

Patreon Creator’s access and refresh token values are incorrect.

Seems we need to refresh token :thinking:

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if you refresh: currently i have two separate mails again :wink:

Interesting, the creators access token was empty, I just filled it. Probably it was not required for me since my account matches the creators account?

Please retry to connect/login with your Patreon account.

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At least I can see the red Patreon flair on the profile picture now.

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Looks like that was the error. Yay
I received my badge directly after logging in.

My emails are still different :slight_smile:

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