Passwordless SSH Access on dietpi any specific process to follow

For my devices who are not running DietPi I’m using this tutorial to enable Passwordless SSH Access from my Mac … but here it seams to not working … maybe I’m forgetting something or a step?

The guide you linked specific to OpenSSH. But on DietPi we use Dropbear SSH server. There your guide might not fit.

You could have a look to following guide

Or change SSH server preference from Dropbear to OpenSSH using dietpi-software

Yeah, keys in dropbear are stored in /etc/dropbear/authorized_keys in contrast to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys in openssh

trying to have it working with dropbear for knowledge

I can see the authorized_keys file populated with my key … but it’s still prompting for my password when I ssh to it

not sure which SSH client you are using but in Putty you need to configure the key to be used

I’m using terminal from macOS

not sure why but the file must be on both location so I did cp /etc/dropbear/authorized_keys ~/.ssh/authorized_keys and it fixed it