Password Issues.

Hello everyone,

I have seen to be having the same issues on both of my running dietpi configurations:

RP4 and RP3B+

I install diet pi, i get to the whole process of changing the passwords for both accounts root, and dietpi. I then proceed to update the system and install additional software (pi-hole). When I then try to SSH into using any software it claims the password to be wrong for either account, I then try to login into my for my pihole and the same deal, it says “wrong password.” The funny thing here is if I reset the pihole password pihole -p -a and leave blank I can easily access the admin page, but otherwise regardless of what password I change it to, it gets decline. I’m not sure what am I doing wrong on both installations, but I cannot seem to find and answer anywhere. I can only login to dietp if I have a screen on and thats it. The only thing I’m disabling is the console when prompted.

Any help is appreciated.


Many thanks for your report.

But you can login via local console/screen? The same password should work for SSH as well, as it’s the same authentication mechanism.

For Pi-hole perhaps some magic character escaping is required. Does your password contain any non-alphanumerical character, so I can try to replicate?

Thanks for the reply. I did use some special characters on some passwords, and I fear about it and changed it to something simple for testing, but still encounter errors.