Password explanation

Hi guys,

On the start of Dietpi distro there is a step:

Change existing unix user passwords? ││ ││ DietPi has two accounts by default “root” and “dietpi”. On first boot, both share the global password “dietpi”, ││ respectively the one set in “dietpi.txt”. ││ ││ It is highly recommended to change this password, ideally, it should be different than the global software password. ││ ││ Would you like to change the login passwords for “root” and “dietpi”?

What the heck is it about so I can not get it what is this global software password?

I thought that root is root like admin with all privileges.
And dietpi is like a user. Now there is magical global software password ?

Plain English please.

YES (hope it was plain enough :wink: )

The global software password we use as initial password on software apps like PiHole, AGH, NextCloud, Deluge, DietPi Dashboard or other apps having a web site login. For security reason it should be different from os user password.

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Thx, I am still not sure but understand more hopefully. :upside_down_face: