Paperless NGX scanned document management software

I just want to request Dietpi developers please add paperless-ngx. this type of program is very good for normal household document management. there are official baremetal installation instructions are here.

but for newbie user like me it is very difficult. I am not able to go beyond dietpi given software. If possible please add this software also in dietpi list. Please inform me if any software already available in dietpi list which capable to do these task. then alternatively i will use that software.


I will really appreciate if some expert write step by step commands based on dietpi specific to manual install this software on already running dietpi server. thanks


On that link you provided it pretty much gives you the commands for installing the dependencies and then installing the application

It also has a pretty interesting one line install for docker as well

  1. Make sure that docker and docker-compose are installed.
  2. Download and run the installation script:
bash -c "$(curl -L"

It’s more or less copy/paste and it should work…however it might not have an ARM compile for the binary

It gives you many hints but it would be still a lot of fiddling around with various settings which I can understand to be a challenge for many (me included)

I therefore support the initial request to make the install of paperless even smoother and safer if the dietpi experts found time to add this to the dietpi software catalogue.

Certainly a useful addition.


I figured it out to install paperless ngx. Some tweaks required but now working incl accessl from outside my network.

Please guide me also. i also want to install this on my dietpi machine & not want to go towards docker.

I did go via the docker route.

The bare metal was to daunting for me… didn’t want to mess with the system as is.

Docker was easy enough

Thanks. In past i many time divert towards docker. but within a week i came back to dietpi installation. as per my past experience dietpi is rock solid platform. in raspberry pi or low cpu devices docker create system unstable and more resource consumption. upto now i am very happy with dietpi operating system. i remember i bought raspberry pi in year 2016 & still it is working solid on dietpi. dietpi it self very stable as well as its maintainer very helpful in forum. thanks to dietpi team for their hard work.


Yeah, on low memory systems, Docker could be a pain as it’s allocating around 100MB ram for the Docker engine, not even having a single container started. However, on SBC like RPI4 2GB+ it should not matter that much.

I would also be so happy if the container was supported by default on DietPi.
But anyhow I got in through Docker and working perfectly

I also tried to install it with docker but after trying it for tons of hours I gave up.
Docker is a pure shit show. Such a piece of crap software.
In the end I had a running instance on docker but I could not find out how to properly map the data outside the container.

Vote here for integration into DietPi:

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Get a docker image called portainer, gives you a graphical listing of the entire docker, allows you to change it and whatnot…once you learn docker (there is a learning curve) it will make it so much easier to install programs inside of any linux

I believe the Dietpi developers already went thru the files, but if not portainer will allow you to install it pretty easy

inside the docker-compose.yml is where the “Volumes” would be set
in portainer, there is a convenient block that you can create, modify those volumes and variables and then restart the entire image

more or less this is the only command to get portainer up and running

sudo docker run -d -p 8000:8000 -p 9000:9000 -p 9443:9443 --name=portainer --restart=always -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -v portainer_data:/data portainer/portainer-ce:latest

How to Install Docker and Portainer on Debian in 2022 - WunderTech

paperless-ngx/docker-compose.portainer.yml at main · paperless-ngx/paperless-ngx · GitHub

Portainer is available as software option on DietPi

DOH…oh yeah!

I also had used portainer but it did not help much :sweat_smile:
And I just could not figure out how to map the personal data outside the container.
Tried it on Windows.

The bare metal variant is indeed a typical beneficial DietPi software distribution, with lots of dependencies, some optional, many configuration options where a working/best practice default and possibly the one or the other dialog-based choice is a nice thing. I hope it ia not developed too fast so that a dietpi-software implementation would regularly break/require adjustment :smile:.