Owncloud webdav problem after update bullseye on sunday

Before sunday, all software works as well, after dietpi-update on sunday, remote.php owncloud seems to be broken

What exactly you have done? A dietpi-update or a Bullseye Destro upgrade.

a simply dietpi-update…a fresh install of all software on my raspberry-pi home server, was made on 20th of genuary.
I do not understand whats going on, but if I do a fresh install today on bullseye (i’ve already tested what I say), then using dataplicity or ngrok to remote access to owncloud, webdav stop working. Locally, instead, all work correctly

I’ve tested also on odroid C2 fresh installation of bullseye, nginx and owncloud. Same result…without any modification like proxy_pass etc etc. Impossible to access at file. On home-lan (same network) access, instead, works.

what exactly is the issue. Some services crashing or your are not able to access Webdav from external/internet?

I have already tested a fresh installation of bullseye on my c2 and pi4, now, with ngrok for remote access on my natted 4g lan, works. With dataplicity, instead, “webdav server it seems to be not configured or broken”. I don’t know where is the issue, 'cause works perfectly for over fifty days. I think there is a modification of the last dietpi-update, but i do not have a copy of old system where dataplicity works. On the same lan, i have a second pi4 with buster uses for domotica, before the last update owncloud works perfectly without any issue, on sunday… After dietpi-update (every sunday i check if there any update), same problem.
It’s not a big problem, but for who want to use a reverse tunnel for free, or not (dataplicity costs 4 dollar/mounth), is an issue…

pls if possible. Try to avoid to post non-englisch screen shots. Or at least try to give a short translation on it.

Basically I still struggle what you are trying to do. You have 2 remote connection apps?

  1. ngrok - Webdav access to Owncloud is working
  2. dataplicity - Webdav access to Owncloud is not working
  3. local access on local network is working

Is this correct?

For me Webdav seems to be fine if access locally and via ngrok is working.

dietpi-update doesn’t impact running software installations. We don’t change anything on Owncloud. Not sure how dataplicity has been installed. But dietpi-update will trigger an apt package update. Maybe same changes happen to dataplicity software.