Owncloud problem: php-fpm7.2 fails to start

With a fresh install of the dietpi image just downloaded (DietPi_v6.14_NanoPiNEO2-ARMv8-Stretch) on a NanoPi NEO 2, I used the dietpi-launcher to install owncloud. Access to the server fails (error 503) because of php7.2-fpm, service fails to start. systemd status log says:

Nov 06 08:24:24 DietPi systemd[1]: Starting The PHP 7.2 FastCGI Process Manager...
   │ Nov 06 08:24:24 DietPi php-fpm7.2[4017]: Wed Nov  6 08:24:24 2019 (4017): Fatal Error Zend OPcache cannot allocate
   │ buffer for interned strings

An old bugreport about Nexcloud and a similar problem says

The command that fails is: php -r ‘print(PHP_INT_MAX);’

but it’s working on my system.

Running out of ideas. Please help! :cry:

P.S. Bug report reference code: feb64494-6ff3-4a6a-8276-eabd38f1a417

For reference: https://github.com/MichaIng/DietPi/issues/2293
I always forget to test this thoroughly, however since with v6.27 we install PHP7.3 as well for ownCloud (version 10.3 has been released which finally supports it), could you please test the following:

  • Uninstall ownCloud, PHP and Lighttpd (or the webserver you chose) via dietpi-software.
  • Update to current DietPi development branch:
dietpi-update 1
  • Reinstall ownCloud via dietpi-software and see if the issue is still present with current PHP7.3.

Huray, it worked! Thankyouthankyouthankyou! :smiley:
For reference, I proceeded as indicated:

  • uninstalled owncloud (47), LLMP (82), Lighttpd (84), and PHP (89),
  • copy-pasted code for dev branch,
  • reinstalled owncloud,
    and now it’s working.

Quick follow-up, is there any risk in staying in the ‘dev’ git branch, or once 6.27 is validated should I move back to master git branch?