Owncloud isn't in the software list

I downloaded and installed Dietpi v8_21 version, owncloud is no longer visible in the software list.

With the upgrade to debian bookworm PHP comes now in version 8.2, but owncloud needs 7.4. And it looks like support for version 8 will never come, so maybe you consider to switch to nextcloud.

Correct, on Bookworm you can’t install old Owncloud anymore. They have a new product ownCloud
Infinite Scale. But this is not yet part of DietPi software.

thank you for your replies , i’d installed nextcloud , my plan was backup server for my phone photo’s, after finish installation i logon from my iphone se 2.gen via nextcloud app, i can’t find backup & sync options , is there any problem with nextcloud version or is it about ios app problem? I tried from android phone but its same as iphone, no backup&sync options appear.

I don’t use Nextcloud, so can’t tell you about features.

you can define folders you want to autosync inside the app.
I don’t know a backup option, but I mainly use it for sharing files and have a calendar and address book which not relies on Google.
In the settings of the android app there is an option “automatisches hochladen” (which should be translated to something like “automatic upload”.
Everything in this folder gets synced to your nextcloud.