Overscan Odroid C2

Have options to set overscan on the Odroid C2 been implemented? I have searched and found answers for other SBC but not the odroid. I will be sshing most of the time which look great however I plan to replace all my sbc operating systems with DietPi and in my testing the console is off on most displays. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Quick search indeed leads to overscan being not adjustable on Odroids. But maybe threads are old, more research could be beneficial.
Maybe there is some software based solution :thinking:

So far everything is great with this distro I plan on doing a side by side with C2 for my kodi setups between dietpi and libreelec I like having more control over each device with faster deployment. Iā€™m excited about DietPi. I will be a champion for this distro.