OV9281 Global Shutter camera support

Just a quick question.
Has anyone tried running a OV9281 Global Shutter camera on a Dietpi system? If so, what special details will I need to know?

When I follow this tutorial I think all you have to do is to enable the camera funtionality in dietpi-configdisplay options and add the bootoverlay like shown in the tutorial. Then do just a reboot and test if the device is availabe with ls /dev/video0.
Did you have trouble to use the camera with dietpi or is this a preventive question?

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Thanks @Jappe , I’m just getting ready to do some testing.
That link will hopefully tell me exactly what I need.
I will report back with my findings.

There are no options in dietpi-configdisplay options to enable the “camera” functionality. At least not on my Oragnge Pi4 with custom Dietpi build based on Diebian Bullseye Server.

There is no /boot/config.txt to edit to add the overlay.

OrangePi is something different than Raspberry Pi. Therefore some function might not be available. Next to this, the linked tutorial will not fit as it seems RPi related.