OrangePi Zero too hot with Dietpi

I have ORANGIPI Zero for a month and I’ve installed DIETPI. Everything works perfectly, but the temperature reaches 70 degrees Celsius, although I have installed a good heat sink. Last week I installed the latest version of “ARMBIAN 5.27.170521 nightly Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS 4.11.1-sun8”. The device does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius. What is the reason with DIETPI to maintain such a high temperature

CPU temp is most likely not read correctly @ 30’c, with the installed kernel on that ARMbian image. I’d imagine a apt-get upgrade (to install latest kernel) may resolve it.

The H3 runs hot period. Even with a heatsink. The only solution is improved cooling (freezer), or limit max CPU freq (to reduce heat) in:
dietpi-config > performance options > MAX CPU FREQ

My Orange Pi Zero running Armbian runs at 60C with heatsink. My second, running DietPi, is about the same.