OrangePi Plus

Hi, I am trying to use the image for this board on Plus2. In your instructions you mention that the image can be written to eMMC: my board doesn’t have eMMC, not sure that it matters.
Problem encountered: device boots OK, but after I complete the set up with the configuration tool the device enters a continuous reboot cycle.
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

PS Is it possible to run DietPi with any of the desktops listed? You have the following note on the download page:
‘NB: GPU features are disabled for this board (eg: Kodi, Desktop). Ideal for server usage.’
Does this indicate a default setup or impossibility?

GPU is disabled for this board, remote desktops (VNC) should be fine, but not native.

The image was built for OPi Plus 1.1, but should work with Plus 2.

If not, try using the Plus2e.fex:

  • Writing a new DietPi image to SD
  • downloading the following file and save it to /boot/script.bin

Then power on

are you sure? i dont think they made a version without eMMC, it should have and an image can be written to eMMC