OrangePi PC CPU temperature = 0

I do cpu and it reports 0 temperature, only after i updated to version 149, 2 hours ago.

i do cat temp variable and it shows it correctly.


Thanks for the report, we’ll get that fixed, status:

Hi, I have the same thing with my 2 NanoPi M1+ and M3. Both display 0°C and run the latest version (149). The strange thing, with version 148, my M3 was displaying the temperature (about 44°C) correctly. For my M1+, I can’t say since I just installed everything yesterday. At first I thought it was a bug with the H3, but now since it’s on my M3 as well… It’s not related to the Allwinner H3.


Thanks for report.

Confirmed with M2/M3, we’ll get that fixed for v150 :slight_smile: