Orange Pi Zero Wifi

Hi, I’ve been using Dietpi for some time on my Rpi, orangePi, etc.
and I’m happy with it! but now I have a little problem.
I have an orange pi Zero, installed the V6 and I want to configure the wifi as a client and I do not know how
From dietpi-config there is a message that there is no wifi driver for this model
Manually with WPA-supplicant does nothing

Any solution? thank you very much! :smiley:

Any help please? I still have the same problem

are you using dietpi-launcher (brings up all the options for configuration) then/or going to dietpi-config then networking

Try setting it that way

I also found this…hope it helps

I’ve found the Orange Pi Zero WiFi to be very unreliable.

yes i using the dietpi-launcher and he say " no hardware compatible " or similar

i go to try with your link, thanks!!