Orange Pi zero 2W - enable GPU

As in the topic name. The official images provide a way to enable the GPU via orangepi-config, is there a way to do it on the newly released dietpi for Orange Pi zero 2W? On the official images, the GPU is disabled in the device tree by default, what is the case for dietpi?


Another problem with the board. When trying to power it off in dietpi, it just reboots itself.

ping @MichaIng maybe you can have a look

I’ve found an overlay method:
But I haven’t had time to test it yet.

There is an overlay indeed:

G_CONFIG_INJECT 'overlays=' 'overlays=gpu' /boot/dietpiEnv.txt

With GPU you mean hardware acceleration? HDMI works OOTB, doesn’t it?
However, important enough to add a dietpi-config option, indeed. Would be still nice to see which features exactly this enables.

You mean when you run poweroff, it indeed does a full reboot cycle?

Yes, HDMI works but of course I would like to have hardware acceleration. Otherwise, what’s the point of having a GPU?

I will try and check this, as well as the poweroff command again.

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OK, so the overlay works! It would be great to expose this in dietpi-config. Or even have it turned on by default. The renderer is Mali-G31 instead of llvmpipe. I don’t think the overlay does much more.

The poweroff commands works too.

Gnome installed fine, even wayland session works. But I can only see “dummy output” for sound (no HDMI audio out). The Wayland session seems to be a bit buggy - the kernel locks up sometimes when displaying 3d graphics.