Orange Pi R1

New release…Orange Pi R1…DUAL ETHERNET!

Should be a pretty capable firewall/filter (just make sure you slap a big fat heatsink on it!)

“Yet another OrangePi” lol :slight_smile:

Got all excited with dual ethernet, then seen it was 100Mbit only :frowning:

Cheap at $13, but the 100Mbit is a slap in the face, kind of defeats the purpose of a dual ethernet device :frowning:

Not for those that have sub 100Mbit cable modem connections…
I figure dansguardian would be a good thing…and snort or other active IP scanning/blocking software (psad and fwsnort) would be a good thing

Not to mention…built in wifi of a blue zone as well

got mine in…any recommendations for the OS I should put on it?
Will the Orange Pi Zero work on it?

Would be cool to build a passthru firewall or have it become a firewall appliance similar to Smoothwall or Ipfire

Found the repository!VG4l1aTL!JNWI52f-5NT0pyijQ-50Lw!VHpGHLbY