Orange Pi Plus


I just bought a Orange Pi plus and read about Diet Pi. I’d love to try that one on my Pi. Is there a (beta) version somewhere?

i tried the dietpi for orangpi pc (having a orange pi plus). The NIC doesn’t work. (no error messages but the mainscreen shows no ip-adres for the dietpi-server)


Unfortunately, we don’t have access to the OPi Plus board (nor the funds) at this time. This is required to implement the image.

You can help resolve this, by asking OrangePi to send us a dev sample board that we can use, or donate towards its purchase.

I just send a email to zhao_steven. Hopefully he can help you get the info/board…

Greetz: Patrick

ps: how do i donate? (or send a OPI+ to you?)

It seems that there are no 100% OK images out-there for the OPI+. With some images wifi doesn’t work, with some the NiC doesn’t work, with all of the HW acceleration doesn’t work (only in android it works), etc…

Hi Patrick,

DietPi images are built on existing images and modified for DietPi, or, built using ARMbian build tools. So if the NIC/WiFi issues occur on the available images, they will most likely continue on the DietPi image due to using the same firmware/kernel/modules.

As for HW GPU acceleration, we only focus on this for the main boards (eg: due to widely available drivers via packages and documentation) at the moment. The main boards include Odroid’s and Raspberry Pi.

ps: how do i donate? (or send a OPI+ to you?)

Thats very kind to offer, but I think we have some success with getting a dev sample from OrangePi (thanks to Sciamano), will ask for the OPi+ aswell.

Thanks Fourdee, your work and effort is much appreciated!

Greetz: Patrick

OrangePi Plus image is now available:

I installed dietpi for my OPI plus. Seems to work good. I want to use it as an ipcam. I attached a usb-webcam. How should i proceed?

No idea, sorry. The only Cam related software we have in DietPi at the moment is for RPi cam only.