Orange PI Plus 2e stop work

Hi, im asking here for see if anyonemore have the problem and for found any solution, i have the orange PI plus 2e, all works fine with dietpi but the PI stop works when he want and there is no notice on any log, any idea of this problem and how to fix it ?
Sorry for my bad english :confused:

Check dmesg for any errors:


Is the main terminal functional at this time?

Else, most likely PSU/SD failure/instability.

Nothing works, i see the dmesg and there is no errors or problems, the PSU is the same that i use during more than 2 years on a rasp without any problem, i can try to change the sdcard, but dont think was the problem, have few use but can try to change it…

Finally, i change the power adapter and it works fine, seems that the old one was broken :S


Thanks for letting us know its resolved. Insufficient PSU issues are one of the most common issues we see/hear :slight_smile: