Orange PI Plus 2e only 2 usb

Hi all, and thx for this fantastic distro :smiley:
Im using a Orange PI Plus 2e, and all i need works fine but only detect 2 usb and not 3, what can i do ? i need the 3 usb because im mounting a server with 3 hd.


Try using the plus2e fex. Download this and save to /boot/script.bin:

now it works :smiley: thx bro :smiley:

@LuPoX Please, and what’s the correct version for this board, i can’t see anything in download section for orange pi plus 2e. Thank you.

I’m sorry for refloating this, I updated my orangepi with a clean version of armbian and then installed dietpi, and I have the same problem, only 2 usb go, when I connect the third one, it gets stuck and the file that Fourdee mention is down

I use a free armbian and then update to dietpi with custom version, the second option i think on install