OpenVPN not routing traffic ?

Hi there !

Today I flashed the dietpi software on my raspberry pi sd card, after the initial setup (changing eth0 to a static ip) I installed the openvpn package through the dietpi launcher.

Everything seems to go well, after the reboot the openvpn service is running and I can retrieve the .opvn thanks to FTP.

So I checked out the software page (Openvpn) and I changed the remote line to remote my WAN-IPP 1194

The 3 ports that are named on the software page are opened and pointed towards the pi’s ip address.

When I load up the .ovpn on my phone for example it connects without a problem however it doesn’t seem that the traffic is being routed through openvpn connection. My phones WAN ip stays the same and I can’t ping/access any local shares/websites.

Does someone have an idea what could be wrong ? :smiley:

Hello Dustii,

OpenVPN not routing traffic ?

That’s correct. Default it is configured as a End-to-End-VPN / Host-to-Host-VPN / Remote-Desktop-VPN.
You are able to manage your DietPi device, but nothing more.

One possible solution is using NAT:

If you can read a little bit German:

Our you can have a look in DietPi VPN installation code:



Thanks for the reply !

This seems kinda complicated hehe, and google translate doesn’t work that well on the german part hehe.