openvpn is only utilizing one core, why? [PINE64]

Hi to all,

I have setup a PINE64 with DietPi v6.9 with OpenVPN as a VPN Gateway.
When I test the vpn throughput I noticed that only one core gets utilized.

Can we somehow spread the load over all 4 cores instead ?

How many tunnels are being built? Try building multiple tunnels and see if it autobalances the different threads across the cores

Did some googlin’
OpenVPN 2.x series is a single-threaded application. Possible muti-core support in 3.x series I read somewhere. Currently your only option is to run OpenVPN on a more powerful device

Looks like it’s single core, but supports threading

I routinely have 2 VPN’s up and running along with a TOR relay on an Orange Pi Zero and it hums along nicely…
A 64bit machine should run VPN and yawn while it’s doing it

So you have a TOR Relay runnin besites an VPN on that little board, cool.

Yes, TOR/VPN on an Orange Pi Zero headless
runs like a champ!