OpenHabian Kill All Dietpi options

  • DietPi version | 8.24
  • Pi4 4Gb Ram
  • SD car 128 cat 10
  • Software title | Openhab via Openhabian.

On a fresh install of the last Dietpi.
I have installed Openhab via Openhabian script ( recommanded )

it works perfectly to install Openhab without any error.

After a reboot, there where no Dietpi Bash or options anymore.
All commands like “dietpi-config” or “dietpi-software” doesn’t work anymore.

The new bash is like a classic debian 12 one.

I did it two times to be sure. The problem is exactly the same.

Q : Is there any way to make my dietpi bash + option back ?

For info, i did this because the openhab install via dietpi-software doesn’t work. ( tried many times )

You installed with this method?

well we don’t know what the 3rd party script does. :wink:

What exactly was the issue with openhab install via dietpi-software??

Yes excactly !

I’ve tryed many times, on a fresh dietpi install.
It doesn’t work any more :frowning:

what exactly is not working? Any logs available?