Open Beta v8.2 | Please help testing and hardening the upcoming release

All info can be found on GitHub:

Many thanks to all testers :heart:!

The update on Odroid C4/HC4 is going to required a fresh install rather than update, because of the kernel update?

Thank you!

Yes it is basically a complete different image that would require to re-image your system if you like to take advantage of the new kernel.

Nevertheless you could update your DietPi installation staying on the old image.


Is there a guide for the “staying on the old image”

I saw this thread a time ago but don’t know if it has all the steps.

Nothing is needed if you like to stay with the old image. You will stay with the old kernel.

The thread I was referring was this:

Yes I get it, but the old image will still getting updates?? Or it will stay on 8.1

DietPi version has no relationship to any image used. You will get updates on every image version, as long as you are on Debian Buster or Bullseye. It’s totally independent. The aim for the new image was to switch to Armbian as base image to be able to get the new kernel.

Ok, understand.

And it would be possible, to make a fresh install, and then restore an old dietpi-backup?

No this might not be possible as the backup is a full backup always. This includes the entire system core. A restore will most likely break your system as the underlying base image has been changed.