Open Beta v8.14 | Please help testing and hardening our upcoming release

The new DietPi Beta v8.14 is ready for testing. All info can be found on GitHub:

Odroid N2 and HC4 users, if you need/want to test USB boot support, this can be easily added to existing images as well. Also on ROCK 5B system one can reformat the root filesystem to ext4 to permanently solve potential issues on kernel upgrades. Let me know and I’ll share the required steps.

Many thanks to all testers :heart: !


Hey, thanks for the update!

I was wondering how to update to this build. Is there a download link available? I’m having trouble updating from the dietpi installation as it won’t boot from USB.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Following the shared link above will bring you to GitHub. There you will see a message right at the beginning

How to apply: DietPi/ at dbfd976eb87e36550afcba5900e3dd93e64aedef · MichaIng/DietPi · GitHub

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Or the hardcore fast way which omits any prompt :smile::

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Hi, thank you both for the update information.

From what I understand, updating to the beta build requires a live bootable environment. However, I am unable to do so on my Odroid N2 as DietPi doesn’t seem to boot from USB, at least on prior builds, until this one.

Thus the reason I am interested in trying this beta build is because of the potential fix for petit boot mentioned in the change log, specifically the line “Odroid N2/HC4 | New images have been generated with support for the default Hardkernel SPI bootloader petit boot.”

But since the current build available for download (8.13) doesn’t boot, at least from USB. I’m unable to run it and upgrade to this one (8.14) thus trying the potential fix … Unless I’m missing or doing something wrong :thinking:

Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

you can check following Index of /downloads/images/testing to see testing images.

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I’ll move those images into stable place. With boot switch to MMC nothing changed anyway.

Thanks for this,

I flashed one of these images, it booted from USB with no problems :slight_smile:


DietPi v8.14 has been released:

Many thanks to all testers :heart:!

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