Open Beta v6.26 | Please help testing and hardening the upcoming release

All infos:

Important testing cases:

All testers are highly appreciated and we will assist quickly if any issue appears.

v6.26 has just been released:

Many thanks to all testers!

Updates went completely hassle-free on both my RPi-zero-w and NanoPi NEO2.

Many thanks and compliments to you, Michael !!


Many thanks :slight_smile:.

Thank you for the new version and all the hard work you put in!

Update from v6.25 went perfectly.

Good to see the initial-turbo being back. I did notice a slight increase in boot time when I switch to the RPi 4; this seems to be resolved with the initial-turbo fix.

Thanks for your feedback. I recognised a huge boot time speedup, however realised now that it was due to the very low ARM idle clocks (150 MHz) on my RPi :rofl:. Since RPi by default boots with powersave governor, this of course explains why in my case it changed from ~25 seconds to ~8 now.