one letsencrypt certificate for all installed applications

If I have dietpi installed machine with pihole, nextcloud, homeassistant, plex, Bitwarden softwares. Mostly all default settings. I am using duckdns as my ddns with default linux cron commands. I want to access system from outside of LAN. I will configure dietpi-letsencrypt for certificate & use certbot.
As in theory I know duckdns using wildcard URL so if my duckdns domain is ( then I can access “ or or“
The main thing I want to know, is in dietpi I can make a reverse proxy system so that all application use same HTTPS: certificate. On internet I saw these things are carried out by NIGIX reverse proxy server. But as we have pihole installed which have LIGHTTPD by default. I do not want to interfere much to dietpi default configuration. Please guide me how we can put reverse proxy to outside world with the dietpi installed operating system having dietpi default installed multiple applications.
Main goal one letsencrypt certificate for all installed applications to secure them.


dietpi-letsencrypt did not support wildcard at the moment. If you like to use, you would need to use another solution where you can manage multiple domains, because each of this domains would need an own certificate. If you like to use a single certificate only, you would need to go for sub folder instead of sub domain

If you like to use an easy to click gui solution, you could have a look to Nginx Proxy Manager
It’s quite a nice gui but require some other components like Docker + Docker Compose. It might be an overkill. So you need to decide, easy to use vs not that heavy. And as another decision sub domain vs sub folder :wink: