OMV or a replacement

I have an XU4/Coudshell/ 2TB disk running DietPi and OMV. I was using it as NAS for KODI clients. It was working very well. No OMV DietPi compatibility issues.
I started playing aroung with USB attached drives and finale I had to reload DietPi. But oh no, no more OMV. So now what can I do?

Is the version out there or a way where I can still install OMV and DietPi?
If not, any suggestions as a replacement for OMV still using DietPi ofcourse that will play nice with KODI?



OMV has been disabled, not removed. You can enable the install by changing this line in /DietPi/dietpi/dietpi-software:



Although, we cant support the installation.
I’d personally recommend using DietPi-Software to install samba server, then point it to your 2TB drive:

You can also use DietPi-Drive_Manager to setup 2TB drive, obtain UUID/mount location etc.

Thanks for your reply. I took your suggestion and went with Samba server. It is not as easy as OMV but works as well and is supported as you pointed out.

Thanks again