Official Orange Pi 5 WIFI module support

Hi there,

I recently got an official OPI 5 WIFI add-on module:

This is the chip they use:

However, it’s not detected by DietPi (lspci won’t list anything on the OPI5, and fantastic dietpi-setup utility doesn’t show any WiFi adapters).

Seems to be supported by the official Debian distro for OPI5:

So, any idea if this AP6275P thing is supported in any form in DietPi?

Made it work. Simply edit /boot/dietpiEnv.txt and add the line:


That way, the adapter is detected and the network can be easily configured in detpi-config.

Maybe you should enable that overlay on the OPI5 by default?

well this is specific for the dedicated WiFi adapter. @MichaIng what do you think?

We could do it like on RPi: Have it enabled for first boot but disabling it if no WiFi connection is enabled for second boot. And then a dedicated onboard WiFi toggle in dietpi-config.