Odroid XU4 temperature 95°C


i use my Odroid XU4 for plex transcoding and when i transcode the temperature goes up to 95°C is this normal ?
If i use the command cpu it says that the cpu can be damaged, is this true ? i googled it and some of them say that 95°C is normal.
Now i underclock my cpu and the temperature is fine but i would like to use the normal clock.


but why is there a warning from dietpi that this temperature can harm my device ?

It is a general setting for ALL supported devices:


If you know what are you doing and don’t like it, edit it or ignore it or don’t use it …

Could also improve the cooling solution to achieve full clocks for longer than 3 seconds:

95’c is far too hot for sustained usage. The SoC lifespan will be reduced and most likely fail within a month or two. The other issue is heat dissipation from the SoC to the PCB, yet again increasing the heat of all components on the board. Rinse repeat.

You wouldn’t red-line your car constantly for a 24 hour period (vs normal driving), then expect the engine to have the same life span afterwards, let alone work.

drive with (a car engine) at or above its rated maximum revolutions per minute.